Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Hybris Environment - Project Lesson Plan

Section 1, Lecture 3

Section Overview

What Will I Learn?

This session will build a 'ground up' Hybris landscape. You will create a two node SAP Hybris installation, featuring a Master and Slave in a clustered environment. This will have a MySQL backend with two, a Master and Slave, Apache Solr node. You will instrument the landscape for monitoring and conduct a basic load test using Apache JMeter.
Important: It is recommended to use Google Cloud Platform of this section of the project and a free trial is available from Google for most users. Alternatively, you can use your own laptop, desktop or Amazon Web Services. The tutorial is given from the perspective of Ubuntu 16.04 on Google Cloud Platform.

Google Cloud Platform Settings

OS: Ubuntu 16.04
Machine Type: n1-standard-2 (2 vCPUs, 7.5 GB memory) 

Do I Need Anything?

No. You only need your laptop or tablet to view the lessons. If you wish to follow along, you will need a copy of the SAP Hybris Suite, available from the SAP Software Download Center. Please note, you must have an SAP log on to download the Suite.
If you wish to use Google Cloud Platform, you will need your own account. Alternatively, you can use Amazon Web Services. Both offer free trials to new users.

I Need Help, Who Can I Ask?

If you have difficulty with any aspect of the course, please feel free to message Colin, the course instructor, or post in the Udemy course forum. We aim to reply within business hours (Eastern Standard Time)